NARCE course registration ends on May 19th, 2023.  Expo passes will be available online through June 15th.

Regional Training Program locations, dates, and course offerings are listed below.

SIRO classes will be available at select locations and online from September thru December.  Check back to this page on August 15th for current offerings.

Check out our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page regarding NARCE and RTPs.

Still have questions?  Email John Monteleone, Director, Education

Locations & Registration

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2023 North American Rink Conference & Expo
The North American Rink Conference & Expo (NARCE), presented by the United States Ice Rink Association, is the premier annual professional development and networking event for the ice rink and ice sport industries.  The 4-day event will bring together hundreds of ice rink professionals, ice sport national governing body representatives and leading vendors for world-class educational courses, unrivaled networking opportunities and the industry's largest trade... Details
When: June 13–16, 2023
Where: Buffalo, NY
2023 North American Rink Conference & Expo - RINK Expo
The North American Rink Conference & Expo (NARCE) has proven over the past eighteen years to be the premier annual educational event and exposition for the ice rink industry, and 2023 will be no exception! Once again, the United States Ice Rink Association will be offering their industry leading educational courses, which will attract hundreds of professionals to this year’s event.

When: June 14–15, 2023
Certified Ice Technician Recertification Exam
All Certified Ice Technicians (CIT) expiring in 2023 must complete a CIT Recertification Exam in order to maintain their professional designation.

When: June 15 – December 31, 2023
IMEO - St. Cloud, MN
When: July 17–20, 2023
Where: St. Cloud, MN
BAR - Jacksonville, FL
When: August 7–10, 2023
Where: Jacksonville, FL
IMPT - Evanston, IL
When: August 14–17, 2023
Where: Evanston, IL
IMEO - Wasilla, AK
When: August 21–24, 2023
Where: Wasilla, AK
IMPT - Colorado Springs, CO
When: August 28–31, 2023
Where: Colorado Springs, CO
PMP / ORM - Cohasset, MN (MIAMA Fall Conference)
When: September 5–7, 2023
Where: Cohasset, MN
IMPT / HRM - Clarksville, TN
When: September 11–14, 2023
Where: Clarksville, TN
BAR / ORM - Irvine, CA
When: September 18–21, 2023
Where: Irvine, CA
BAR - Milwaukee, WI
When: October 2–5, 2023
Where: Milwaukee, WI
IMEO - Allen, TX
When: October 30 – November 2, 2023
Where: Allen, TX