Making Curling Ice in a Multi-Purpose Arena - USAC

Often described as “chess on ice,” the sport of curling involves sliding 42lb. granite stones down the length of the ice sheet toward a target, known as the “house.” Teams score points through positioning their stones closer to the center of the house than those of their opponents. Players sweep in front of the stone to increase the distance traveled or influence the amount of curl. Even with sweeping, the curling stone would never reach the house without specially treated ice.

This course combines both in-class and on-ice instruction about how to make the best curling ice possible in a multi-use arena. Participants will learn how to lay out markings for the field of play, how to convert the ice quickly before and after a curling game, and how to create competition quality ice for a tournament or "bonspiel." Best practices, curler expectations, and common challenges will also be discussed.

  • Leveling the ice
  • Corrective flooding Ice temperature, water quality, and building conditions
  • Curling field of play: Installing lines and houses
  • Pre-match ice prep: Ice Resurfacer and pebble
  • Equipment: Set-up, tear-down, and storage
  • Effective use of staff and volunteers
  • Why stones curl and other FAQs

Making Curling Ice in a Multi-Purpose Arena - USAC

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