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About Us
Our name might be filthy, but our products are clean and safe. Specializing in scented hockey wax, Absolute Filth started was started by our Chief Hockey Mom, Katie Kirt in the winter of 2018.

She wondered why here kids had to tape their sticks all the time. The stress of getting to the rink, getting dressed 2 minutes before practice and then having to retape was frustrating. After some research she realized that hockey wax is a key component in making your tape durable and long lasting. Katie set about using her knowledge of natural waxes as a replacement for traditional cheap hockey wax.

Making stick wax prototypes on her stovetop through the winter months. She developed the base for a new breed of hockey wax. Easy to apply, tacky for better control of the puck, and made from renewable resources.

This whole time her kids teams were using her new wax on the ice and giving feedback on its performance. After each practice looking for their reaction it sounded like a collection of Amazon reviews. “5 Stars.. Would purchase again… much better than my old stuff… I would up vote this... love the smell…”.

As her vision came into focus, she worked on fine-tuning her recipe with the help of a chemical engineer. Finally, they struck upon the perfect blend of soy, coconut, bees waxes along with just a touch of the purest paraffin you can find. Along with the right mix of waxes, it would have to have a great scent. She found a winner with wicked cherry and has a few more mind blowing scents in the works.

While sourcing her supplies Katie was excited to find out that she could support other women owned organizations. So that is what she did. Over half of her materials come from women owned companies.
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