CIT Courses are 3.5 days and meet 8:30a - 4:30p, Day 1, 2, 3.  8:30a - 12:00p Day 4.

CRA courses are 2.5 days and meet 8:30a - 4:30p, Day 1 & 2.  8:30a -12:00p Day 3.


SIRO locations and dates will be released September 1st.

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Basic Arena Refrigeration - BAR

Basic Arena Refrigeration has become an industry-recognized minimum competency for practitioners working in a recreation-related refrigeration plant. Participants will learn the theory and principles of refrigeration and the importance this plays in the creation of a quality ice surface.  LEARN MORE

Ice Maintenance and Equipment Operation - IMEO

Participants will learn the skills required to troubleshoot poor ice conditions, perform ice maintenance, equipment operations and up-keep, while maintaining a safe physical setting. Taking the participant through a combination of in-class and on ice teachings allows for general interaction with equipment and hands-on experience. Geared for ice resurfacer operators, it will improve the working confidence of the participant.  LEARN MORE

Ice Making & Painting Technologies - IMPT

Building on the theory from Basic Refrigeration, this course will enhance the practitioners’ knowledge while increasing their operational effectiveness through proven ice installation principles. Further, participants will have hands-on exposure to on-ice applications.  LEARN MORE

Human Resource Management - HRM

This course provides information and tools to manage human resource issues correctly and efficiently. Employer-to-employee, employee-to-employee and customer service topics are reviewed in depth.  LEARN MORE

Operations & Risk Management - ORM

This management course reviews topics related to operating an ice arena safely and efficiently. Participants learn how to identify, assess and address safety and risk related items.  LEARN MORE

Programming, Marketing & Promotions - PMP

This course focuses on topics related to operating a profitable ice arena. Participants learn how to develop and implement programs, marketing plans and materials to promote their ice arena.  LEARN MORE

Safe Ice Resurfacer Operations - SIRO

The Safe Ice Resurfacer Operation course is a cost-effective method for skating facilities to provide initial, standardized education to new and novice staff, that are required to operate their ice resurfacers.  LEARN MORE